Sunday, April 02, 2017

The FBI Dirtball Is.....??

Sen. Grassley has a lot of questions for the #2 guy in the FBI.

A LOT of questions.  ('S OK.  I have a question for Grassley, too!)

That FBI guy is named McCabe.  McCabe's wife ran for the US Senate.  McCabe's wife took $700 grand in contributions arranged through Hillary's very, very, very close pal Terry McAuliffe (a super-slimeball himself.)

So when the FBI proposed to pay some Brit ex-spook taxpayer dollars for his completely manufactured bullshit story 'report' on Trump in Russia, Sen. Grassley would like to know how much Mr. McCabe had to say about that.

Speculate with me and we'll get to my question for Grassley.  Let's say that Mr. McCabe directed the whole game with the Brit, paid him a bunch of taxpayer dollars for his fiction, and then made certain that the fiction was leaked to the usual MFM outlets.  And let's say that he was caught on tape in McAuliffe's office talking about the whole scheme while his wife was accepting a $200 grand check  from McAuliffe's hands.

McCabe will "retire," of course.  Now then, Sen. Grassley:  will he retire with full pension and benefits, like the slime-sucker old broad from IRS who f*&*ed over the Tea Party?

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