Saturday, April 01, 2017

On the Sacred Liturgy's Corruption

Cardinal Sarah recently spoke about the corruption of the Roman liturgy following the Second Vatican Council.  Note well:  this problem is not caused by the Council!  It is caused by serious (and sometimes deliberate) mal-interpretation of the Council's text, which has its roots in Protestant-ism.

...As Benedict XVI often emphasized, at the root of the liturgy is adoration, and therefore God. Hence it is necessary to recognize that the serious, profound crisis that has affected the liturgy and the Church itself since the Council is due to the fact that its CENTER is no longer God and the adoration of Him, but rather men and their alleged ability to “do” something to keep themselves busy during the Eucharistic celebrations. Even today, a significant number of Church leaders underestimate the serious crisis that the Church is going through: relativism in doctrinal, moral and disciplinary teaching, grave abuses, the desacralization and trivialization of the Sacred Liturgy, a merely social and horizontal view of the Church’s mission....

That is a very small excerpt from the Cardinal's address, but it encapsulates a reality which we have all encountered. 

This "busy-ness"--this "do something" stuff--can be traced to the mainstream-Protestant deformation of worship which is, in turn, traceable to the fact that Protestants do not have priests.  Without the priest, who is alter Christus, there is no sacrifice, no transcendence, no sacramental communion--thus, as the cardinal says, the "center is no longer God and adoration of Him...."

Instead, there is noise, bustling, and "busy-ness" which often extends to a "busy-ness" of the music people, not just the herd of 'extraordinary ministers.'  And in the words of that old song, we all ask:  Is That All There Is?

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GOR said...

The busy-ness will reach its zenith shortly with the foot-washing on Holy Thursday, led by the Foot-Washer in Chief. It’s just so humbling, ya know, to tickle the toes of the washees…who think it’s great fun also.

The bastardization of what used to be a symbolic act.