Monday, April 03, 2017

Trump-Voter Factoid, Demise of Christianity

Interesting factoid about Trump (primary) voters--and young black voters, too.

...During the campaign, commentators had a hard time reconciling Trump’s apparent ignorance of Christianity and his history of pro-choice and pro-gay-rights statements with his support from evangelicals. But as Notre Dame’s Geoffrey Layman noted, “Trump does best among evangelicals with one key trait: They don’t really go to church.” A Pew Research Center poll last March found that Trump trailed Ted Cruz by 15 points among Republicans who attended religious services every week. But he led Cruz by a whopping 27 points among those who did not....--Beinart in The Atlantic quoted at LifeSite

The balance of the essay deals with the "Alt-Right," which seems to be replacing the old 'Christian Coalition' bunch in electoral politics.  And it makes a fool of "Creased-Pants" Brooks, by the way.

Speaking of "by the way" developments:  seems like the under-30 black demo is also notably less Christian--and more prone to violent revolt (as are the Alt-Right.)

...African Americans under the age of 30 are three times as likely to eschew a religious affiliation as African Americans over 50. This shift is crucial to understanding Black Lives Matter, a Millennial-led protest movement whose activists often take a jaundiced view of established African American religious leaders....

There is a major difference:  Black Lives Matter says that destroying the nuclear family is one of its objectives.  The "alt-right" has not gone there.

This ain't good news.

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