Saturday, April 22, 2017

So, Paul Ryan: What's This All About?

That fresh-faced kid from Wisconsin thing?  Maybe it's not very fresh at all.

Corruption on Capitol Hill is “worse than you think,” Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., insists.

“When you first get here, you think that you are in some sort of fairy-tale novel,” Buck said. “They wine and dine you and they show you just exactly what it’s like if you play the game. It’s a wonderful life.” 

Things quickly change, however, if “you don’t play the game.” 

“If you don’t play the game  …  it becomes a much less conformable existence here,” Buck said.  

Among other things, if you want a committee seat, you have to fork up Big Money--like $200K-$500K/year payable to the Pubbie Party.  (Uh, yah, it's prolly the same for the Democrats.)

I'm sure that the Speaker prefers that committee seats be assigned based on capability, right?


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