Wednesday, April 05, 2017

National Survival Question

An AOSHQ headline contributor, J.J.Sefton, poses a question.

...If (and it's still a big if) there is actual evidence that can be corroborated and presented before a judge, what would the ramifications be of prosecuting Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Evelyn Farkas [Hillary Clinton*], and perhaps Barack Obama himself? The nation is a red nether hair's breadth away from tearing itself apart, if it has not done so already. PDT would be well justified in throwing the book at them. But it would no doubt be spun as political persecution/repression and a pretext for the Left to escalate an already tepid civil war. But our nation cannot heal itself and survive if its leaders are seen to be free to commit high crimes and misdemeanors....

*I added this criminal for the obvious reasons.

I think a case could be made that the reason Trump was elected had precisely to do with the fact that the White House had become a political sewer through which "justice for SOME" flowed.  It was not equal justice, and it was not justice for all.  The swing in the popular-vote-polls happened after the FBI ran away from prosecuting Hillary for her violations of the Espionage Act, remember?

The "resist" crowd will be pissed--but there are damn few of them that are real True Believers, especially if it came down to ....ahhh.....force.

Z-Man contemplates the same situation today.

 ...There’s also the problem of letting what Team Obama did go unpunished. It sanctions this sort of activity and exactly no one wants the executive having that sort of power. Imagine if a soulless sociopath like Clinton had won the election and had the power to unleash the intelligence agencies on her enemies....Investigating the former staff of the former president for the crime of domestic espionage and perhaps conspiring to undermine the election is no small thing....

Discuss among yourselves.

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