Friday, June 13, 2014

Schimel: Another FAIL

Why is this guy running for a law-enforcement office?

“The clerk found herself in what she believed to be an untenable situation,” Schimel said. “…It’s not possible for me to ethically bring charges against her. You cannot put a person under the law in the position that whichever way they turn, they risk violating the law.”  --Brad Schimel, District "Attorney" of Waukesha County, quoted at Wiggy's Place

As has been mentioned by actual adults--one with a VERY significant law-enforcement position--the Waukesha County clerk violated Wisconsin Statutes by issuing "marriage" licenses before the law was changed.

Schimel stood aside and peed his pants.

Can't wait for another "give me money" letter from Little Brad.  Who knows?  Maybe a (D) will win.  At least they have convictions.

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RAG said...

I think the real failure is of the clerks and the state as well. I agree that without an order in place the clerks jumped the gun in issuing the licenses and really did the same-sex couples no favors should a higher court overturn Judge Crabb. Also, the state itself gave no guidance to officiants, clerks and registers of deeds on how to handle the unique paperwork (no forms are yet available and normally it has to be done precisely or it is rejected). Not too worried about Schimel's remarks.