Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trapping Funds

Fund-raising can be a lot of fun!!

Father Garrett Kau joked with parishioners as he unpacked his gun from its case Saturday afternoon. Kau was one of dozens from around the region gathered at the Circus City Sportsman’s Club in support of the St. Clare Health Care Foundation.

... The priest, of St. Joseph Catholic Parish, said he saw a flyer about Saturday’s event and decided to participate in support of the foundation. Kau said enjoys living in Wisconsin and connecting with other outdoor enthusiasts.

“It’s actually been a few years since I’ve shot,” he said with a laugh, adding that so far, he’d been happy with his results.

Participants paid $20 for a pig roast lunch and a round of shooting and could pay extra for additional rounds....

...Participants included 17-year-old Aaren Weinke, of Baraboo, a member of the Sauk County Youth Shooting Team, Dr. Mark Meier, a general surgeon at the hospital for 20 years, and many other community members and hospital supporters.

The spanferkel alone is worth the $20.00.

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