Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Children's Corner at Sykes

For a thorough lesson on unprincipled, 3rd-grade political monography, see this.

1)  Re-electing Republicans is NOT a "conservative" priority.  Maintaining ordered liberty and civilization is.

2)  It's not an argument from religion.  It's an argument from ontology (nature, stupid) which should govern the discussion.  By no co-incidence EVERY major world religion acknowledges nature.  Don't confuse precedence.

3)  Usually, only 10-year-olds argue that "he did it first."  So when "the consigliere" jumps into a furnace, "conservatives" should follow?

(What Mafia Family ever elected a 10-year-old as 'consigliere' and survived a week?)

Sodomy is "what it is", twit.   Now go play in a sandbox someplace.

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