Friday, June 20, 2014

SCOAMF Rides Again

Our Emperor has grown tired of his Iraqi leader Maliki.

It was Hildebeeste and SCOAMF who allowed Maliki--an Iranian favorite--to form a government, despite the fact that a better alternative existed and had a licit claim.

Now that Iran is showing its teeth through its subsidiary ISIS, Obozo the SCOAMF finds that 'at this point in time, it DOES make a difference.'

EDIT/ADD:  Apparently it is the Sunni--with Saudi money--who are the ISIS folks.  Thx, Steve!!


Anonymous said...

Actually, ISIS is the House of Saud's (non-ruling faction) subsidiary.

Maliki will, in due course, be Diemed in favor of a more-overtly Iranian presence.

Dad29 said...

Umnnhhhh...not according to the linked article, Steve.

The Sauds are Sunnis; the Iranians are Shi'a. BIG difference.

Unless you're telling us that the Saud minority is Shi'a...?