Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paul Ryan's Big New Problem

It wasn't just immigration that un-horsed Cantor.

It was the whole enchillada (cough), including his support of ObozoCare funding, massive debt-accumlation through his budgets, and his clear and open support of the NSA's blatant trampling of the 4th Amendment.  Cantor never met a Federal spending program that he didn't support to one degree or another, and never met a Chamber of Commerce operative that he didn't service.

So.  What does Paul Ryan do now?  His Heritage Action score is in the low 60's; he hitched his wagon to the Boehner/Cantor engine......


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Anonymous said...

Even a fire breathing, scorched earth conservative House leadership (yeah, I can dream) would make use of Ryan's skill set. Different lineup, but the same game with slightly different rules. He's still a quality player in a game that desperately needs quality players... but that doesn't mean we can't bitch about his batting average and record his errors.