Friday, June 13, 2014

Obozo Administration to "Collapse"?

O'Reilly goes there.

“President Obama now faces the collapse of his administration. And I’m not overstating that ladies and gentlemen. He does. The administration is now tottering on the verge of collapse in public opinion anyway.

Well, Bill, the SCOAMF's public-opinion polls have gone to GWBush levels, and may well go further south as the cumulative impact of several large-scale scandals roll up.  ObozoCare leads the pack, but there's Holder's Stasi-ism, IRS' corruption, the VA, and the utterly complete dysfunction of foreign policy.

I guess the US has never really cottoned to having a Communist seditionist in the White House.

But let's grant that O'Reilly is correct and the Administration "collapses."

What then?  Will Obozo react as the Chavez-ites in Venezuela?  Or will they simply ride out their last days on the golf course?

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