Sunday, June 01, 2014

Yes? No? Walker Campaign Settlement

While the WSJournal reports one thing, Walker says another.

Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that he won't back away from key allies amid a continuing secret John Doe investigation.

Walker also expressed surprise with a recent Wall Street Journal editorial that criticized alleged settlement talks between the Walker campaign and special prosecutor Francis Schmitz.

"I'm certainly not going to undermine people who share my same beliefs and I'm certainly not going to undermine anyone's First Amendment rights. I'm frankly kind of shocked for anyone to suggest that," Walker said...--Thinker quoting MJS

The suggestion from some parties is that Schmitz ( initiated the discussion of "settlement" to protect themselves from a complete disaster.  The civil-liability potential remains quite high here.

But how, exactly, the Walker campaign can "settle" when the conservative-group leadership is in position to sue the prosecutors (and possibly GAB) remains to be seen.

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Anonymous said...

We're so conditioned to being led by dolts that we just can't believe that Walker hasn't sold us out yet. It's almost become a Pavlovian response... our enemy leaks and we immediately flog all leadership within reach just for good measure. I'm grudgingly releasing, ever so slightly, my white-knuckle grip on cynicism. Let's see how that goes.