Saturday, June 07, 2014

Stephen Moore Van Winkle Awakens

Stephen Moore is a respectable guy, who admits to having been comatose for the last several years:

Everywhere I go around the country — whether talking to financial advisers, business leaders, tea-party groups, or college students — I am almost always asked the same question: Is Barack Obama intentionally trying to destroy the economy? And for five and a half years, I’ve always flatly rejected that notion. This is a good man with the right intentions; it’s just that he has completely the wrong economic model floating around in his head.

Note well that 'everywhere' has the question.  I don't know where Moore lives, but if one guesses DC-area...

Anyhow, he finally caught on to what 'everywhere' has known for 5 years.

After Monday’s announcement of imbecilic and destructive new carbon-emission standards, I’m not so sure that the White House is well-meaning or that this president really cares about the working men and women of this country. These regulations on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions will be a severe self-imposed wound to an economy already stuck in a slow-growth rut.

As though killing oil/gas exploration, flooding the country with low-skill/no-skill immigrants (but CHEAP, hey!!!), tax dis-incentives, and the crown jewel of Socialism--ObozoCare--wasn't enough, Stephen?

Shall we mention the psychological/economic effects of Rogue-Lawless executive actions, Rogue-Lawless A.G., HHS, and F.H.A. activities, and direct persecution of political opponents, Stephen??

How about Federal land-grabbing, Stephen?

Want some coffee for your awakening?  We might be able to scrape up a buck or two to buy one for ya.