Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Bergdahl Maneuver

Trenchant comment on the Seditionist-in-Chief and his cabal:

I think this [reaction to the Bergdahl Maneuver] caught the regime by surprise because to them, personally, being a deserter in the face of the enemy is something that they think is no big deal, an action that they sympathize with, since they are themselves domestic enemies of the Constitution and have always identified their own country -- and the rest of us non-enlightened, unwashed citizens resistant to their Mandarin class -- as the enemy.



Anonymous said...

How can we try and hang him for desertion if we don't have him? Stay focused - we must not allow this red state hippie to distract from Benghazi.

Anonymous said...

Bergdahl is not a deserter.

Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Desertion requires the intent to leave one's unit and remain away from it permanently. Bergdahl had previously left his unit and voluntarily returned. Bergdahl made at least one attempt to escape his captors. There is no evidence that his intent was to shirk hazardous or important duty.

RAG said...

This is such a prima facie cluster that there likely is a damn good reason for it that we are not privy to, probably shouldn't be privy to and probably never will, either. Sometimes things in the military and intelligence communities must be done for reasons that cannot be disclosed and this seems like one of them. Otherwise it's such a colossal cluster that it's hard to believe that even Obama could screw up that badly.