Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You're Getting Boehned Again!!

The tanned, tanned, tanned John Boehner has a great plan for budget savings.  My plan--a better one-- is at the bottom of this post.

[Agriculture-Whore/Cong.] Frank D. Lucas has raised hopes that Congress might still be able to produce a multi-year farm bill soon ...Lucas says Speaker John A. Boehner has indicated that the billions of savings over 10 years that a farm bill provides makes it an attractive option for legislation to avoid a combination of budget sequester and across-the-board spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff.  --RedState quoting CQ

You're right.  I mentioned Boehner and haven't told you exactly how he's going to screw you.   Well, BOHICA, baby, here it comes!!

...The last farm bill, which was enacted in 2008, authorized $604 billion in spending.  The current House bill proposed by Lucas (HR 6083) authorizes $957 billion in spending extrapolated over 10 years.  Yet, this 58% increase is considered a cut in ‘Washington speak’ because the phony CBO baseline, which locks in Obama’s food stamp spending, projects $992 billion in spending.  Hence, passage of the farm bill, which locks in the record food stamp spending and creates new farm welfare programs, will be scored as a spending cut

This whole "cliff" thing is more of the same smoke-and-mirrors.  

My plan?  Shove all of Congress and the Executive Branch off the cliff. 

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Billiam said...

Kind of like sequestration. It's only a 'cut' in the increase, not an actual cut. Obama complimented the Clinton era so much during the campaign, that one would think he'd WANT to go over the fiscal cliff. You know, return to the tax rates of the Clinton era, since it was Camelot pt. deux.