Thursday, November 15, 2012

Remedial Civics 101 Needed Here

Egads.  This has to be the most inane statement evah! from a public official above the level of dogcatcher.

Chris Larson, the (D) Minority Leader:

...Look Sly, I think it’s important to uh- when people are talking about smaller government, I think people have to remember what the word government actually means. What kind of government do we have? We have a democracy. It’s an election by the community, by people within the neighborhoods who decide what they want to do as a collective on where they want to go with this state. So when you talk about reducing government, you’re talking about reducing democracy when you’re doing that. You’re reducing the ability of people to hold their electeds accountable and actually get a safety net when people are feeling down....MediaTrackers quoting Sly show

This is what passes for 'informed commentary' in the (D) community, eh?


Tim Morrissey said...
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Tim Morrissey said...

I'm not sure anyone actually considers anything Sly or his guests say "informed commentary".

This is a subject to which I speak with some authority.