Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Most Important Question About Benghazi

Skirt-chasing and email-romances are silly distractions.

Let's go back to The MOST Important Question About Benghazi:  What happened to the rescue?  (Hint:  the C-in-C deliberately failed to issue the right order.)

Fortunately, this blog is on that like stripe on a skunk--and a skunk it is.

...There are a number of disparate timelines being floated by various sources (I’ve seen most or all of them), and sooner or later the truth will come out. ...

(Quoting a Fox News report):

The Pentagon says that the European-based team of rescuers landed at Sigonella air base at 7:57 p.m. on Sept. 12, more than 20 hours after the attack began and 40 minutes after the last survivor was flown out of Tripoli on a U.S. C-17 transport plane...The group ordered toward Libya was from the Charlie 110 Company, based in Stuttgart, Germany, but had been training in Croatia...

Military sources familiar with the orders given to the CIF team tell Fox News the CIF plane headed to Libya — not to first stage at Sigonella as the Pentagon timeline suggests....

...Multiple defense sources say that the plane did not have permission to enter Libya. That permission would have to be secured from the Libyans by the State Department.

Survivors of the attack at the annex say that they heard over the radio net that night that U.S. military assets were, “feet dry over Libya,” which would refer to assets crossing from sea to land and hovering. The Pentagon denies this.

That last graf corresponds with the testimony of an ex-SF operator who has stated that only the C-in-C can give 'cross border authority' to execute a mission.  In fact, without such an order, any SF action can NOT proceed.

Obama lied.  Four died--not counting Mexican civilians in his Gun Adventure Games.


jimspice said...

Well, I think you're all wet. But IF you you are as zealous with your assessments of past and future embassy attacks, perhaps I could be persuaded you are not a partisan hack.

Roland Melnick said...

Who are you to caution against being a "partisan hack", jimspice?

Give us your assessment of the events in Benghazi, the lack of effort to protect our people stationed there and the White House's decision to lie to the American people about it. The campaign's over, your guy won. No need to shamelessly cover his ass anymore.

Dad29 said...

We're waiting, Jim....

I really don't argue that Obozo should have placed a battalion of troops in Benghazi anticipating the 9/11 anniversary.

As you note, I argue that he did NOT give the order to rescue the Americans who were there--and are now dead.

We are told, reliably, that Stevens and his people had repeatedly asked for more security for the Benghazi compound. We know that it was a CIA prison and arms-cache. We knew that 9/11 is a Big Day for Muslim extremists.

So it is fair to speculate that Obozo and Shrillary screwed up pre-attack.

But it is absolutely true that Obozo failed to issue the order for rescue.

Anonymous said...

Spice knows Obama purposefully left those Americans to die for political gain but he doesn't care since he would never put himself in harms way to support America.

That's why he felt the need to leave a comment of distraction rather than defense of the Chicago politician.