Thursday, November 22, 2012

ObozoCare Regs, Part the First

The first 330 pages of ObozoCare regs were emitted from the lowest orifice late on Tuesday night.

The first batch of new rules have long-expected provisions forbidding insurers to discriminate against patients who already have diseases such as cancer, asthma or heart disease…. HHS stuck with a proposal that allows insurers to charge the oldest patients three times as much as they charge a 21-year-old. And the rates can go up a little bit with every birthday. But smokers can be charged premiums that are five times higher under the new rules….JunkScience quoting NBC News

The Health Nazis.  Oh, yes, we can go there, and Junk Science provides the documentation:

Your body belongs to the nation! Your body belongs to the F├╝hrer! You have the duty to be healthy! Food is not a private matter! (National Socialist party, 1939)

Welcome to the Socialist miasma!

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