Sunday, November 18, 2012

Petraeus Was Set Up?

No real surprise that he was set up.  Benghazi happened to be the trigger--but then, it could have been anything else that was convenient.

...We now know that the existence of a personal relationship between Broadwell and Petraeus had been suspected and whispered about by his senior-level colleagues and by his personal staff in the military, who worried that it might become publicly known, since before the time that he came to run the CIA.

We also know that when he was nominated to run the CIA, that nomination was preceded by a two-month FBI-conducted background check that likely would have revealed the existence of his relationship with Broadwell. The FBI agents conducting that background check surely would have seen his visitor logs while he commanded our troops and would have interviewed his military colleagues and regular visitors and those colleagues who knew him well and worked with him every day, and thus learned about his personal life. That's their job.

And that information would have been reported immediately to President Obama and to the Senate Intelligence Committee, prior to Petraeus' formal nomination and prior to his Senate confirmation hearing.  Reason quoted at Cold Fury

Obozo was merely saving his trump card.

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Jim said...

It’s obvious that someone was out to silence Petraeus.

Who? Cantor? Why?