Sunday, November 04, 2012

I Hate Polls. Here's The First and Last Post on 'em

The newsies can't get enough of this "poll" stuff.  To normal people, it's almost as bad as the zillion-and-fifty flyers and phone calls.  So this is my first, last, and only post about polls.

Both McCain and Vox happen to agree with Silver on this small statement:

My argument, rather, is this: we’ve about reached the point where if Mr. Romney wins, it can only be because the polls have been biased against him.

McCain on a poll in Ohio (leading off with Ed Morrissey's statement):

all you need to know is this: the D/R/I is 38/29/32.  In 2008, the exit polls showed a split of 39/31/30, and in 2010 36/37/28.”

Stop for a second and think about that: What this poll is telling us is that partisan ID has shifted 2 points toward Democrats since 2008, which was the best year for Democrats since LBJ won a landslide in ’64.

Vox:   ...If Romney does win, the only possible conclusion is that the state polls must be biased....

An 2008-like (D) affiliation?  Puhleeeeeeze.

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