Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mutiny Over McCain?

Seems that John McCain is just another Benthamite.

...Over the weekend, 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain said pro-life conservatives should state their position on abortion, then “leave the issue alone.” Elected officials, he indicated, should enact no new legislation to protect the unborn. 

He and a host of GOP consultants have suggested the party downplay or abandon social issues in light of the 2012 electoral loss

Nor is he alone.  The Rockefeller/GWBush bunch, often referred to as "country club Republicans" for good reason, have actively opposed pro-life Republicans whenever they could.  This strain of politicians is descended from the Benthamite pragmatists, who are not Conservative in any real sense of the word.

Romney happens to fall within that category as well, although (it seems) by default.  He really held no political principles except 'managerial' ones, although few question his personal bona fides.

Priebus has a very large challenge, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Priebus is the problem. He's suited to state politics but obviously out of his league on a national scale.