Friday, November 23, 2012

The "Mo' Money" Game

Here's how it works.

Gummint folks continually raise taxes and don't have the courage to vote for it. 

Taxpayers push back, take away the money-fountain.

Gummint folks steal money from "trust funds."

Taxpayers push back by dumping the thieves, get themselves NEW Gummint folks.

NEW Gummint folks piss and moan openly that they don't have enough money.

Taxpayers push back.

Gummint folks say "OK.  You don't want to give us mo' money, WE take away your stuff."

In the case at hand, Gummint folk are going to ignore the single-most-trafficked intersection in the entire State of Wisconsin.  Last time (when the thief was ruling) a bridge in that intersection started falling down.

Somehow, the phrase "Spend less elsewhere" never crosses the alleged "minds" of Gummint folks.

Maybe a 2x4 upside the head would help them think?

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