Thursday, November 08, 2012

Lakeshore Lamenting

Here, in one-and-the-same post, Lakeshore manages to achieve cognitive dissonance.

I love Tommy Thomp­son, I respect Tommy Thomp­son, but how the hell his cam­paign made lit­tle to no effort in out­reach with young peo­ple is going to haunt me for a while.  18 year old col­lege fresh­men were 4 when he was last on the bal­lot.  The first time I could vote in 1998, was the last time he ran statewide.

His team did lit­tle to intro­duce him to a demo­graphic he prac­ti­cally helped edu­cate while also hop­ing “I’m Tommy Thomp­son, remem­ber me?” could carry the day.  Clearly, it didn’t.

Yah, Tommy was a disappointment.

So, having told us that Spend-and-Bond, Big Gummint Tommy was a "didn't." Lakeshore goes on to mention Akin:

Thanks Mis­souri Repub­li­cans and Tea Party Pin-head purists.

Which is it, Lakeshore?  Wisconsin pin-head/purist Big Gummint Pubbies, or "pinhead purists"?  Are you telling us that Hovde should have been the nominee up here?  Fitzgerald?  Neumann?

In fact, the weaker candidate(s) lost.  "Purist" or RINO, they lost.

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