Friday, November 16, 2012

What A Gift Obozo Gave Us!!

One of Obozo's Gurus on Socialist Medicine studied the cost effects.

...Overall, Wisconsinites can expect healthcare costs to rise, though subsidies from the federal government may lessen the immediate impact of those higher costs. Just over 41% of Wisconsinites will see a premium increase of 50% or more, and the average Wisconsin health insurance consumer will see their premiums jump 30%.

Nice.  But that's not all!!

...Initially, the Obama Administration indicated to states that if they set up and ran the federally-mandate exchange they would be given significant control over the way it was run. Experts now say that is not the case. “The final word for all decisions within the exchanges, whether created by the states or the federal government, is in Washington,” writes Benjamin Domenech of The Heartland Institute.

You will comply, and you will like it. 


jimspice said...

Sounds like you're saying it was a really dumb move for Mr. Walker to relinquish control.

Anonymous said...

Rates have been rising in the double digits for years...or haven't you been paying attention? We HAVE been complying with the corporate-medical industrial complex for 20 years!