Saturday, November 03, 2012

The AssPress Liar

Evidently AP (AssPress) hires innumerates or liars.  I'll take "liars" for a Romney victory.

We left early to beat the traffic out of the rally, stopped by the Double Tree Hotel to see some people, and Ali Akbar discovered an Associated Press reporter on Twitter trying to deliberately lowball the crowd estimate and claim there was “low energy” among Republican voters here.

Three words: BULL F*****G S%%T.

That crowd was at least — at least — 25,000 and probably more like 35,000. No one could honestly claim it was less than 20,000, and they were fired up.

The AP reporter? Steve Peoples, a lying hack who has been previously busted for trying the same dishonest partisan trick in August.

If a Democrat Party propagandist wants a paycheck, let him collect it from OFA or the DNC, not AP.

Meantime, the SCOAMF and HornDog Clinton were drawing in the 5,000 range at other sites.

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