Sunday, November 04, 2012

Chris Christie: Impotent Windbag

While he's occasionally fun to listen to, he's really an impotent windbag.

Despite the IBEW’s statement to the contrary, as well as Chris Christie’s assurances that non-union workers are welcome, it appears the IBEW throughout the New Jersey and New York areas are attempting to make sure that non-union crews become unionized before being allowed to assist in recovery efforts.

“I’ve been on the phone with PSE&G [Public Service Electric and Gas Company], JCP&L [Jersey Central Power & Light] and the union, and they’ve all absolutely promised me they would never turn away a single worker whether they were union or nonunion, and I wouldn’t allow it,” Christie told reporters

Bullshit, Chris.

A business coordinator at a power company in western Georgia told The Daily Caller Friday afternoon that workers from his electric-utility employer were not permitted to help restore power to New York consumers because they would not join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).  --Daily Caller via RedStates

Whaddya 'spect from New Joisey, anyhow?  Straight-shootin'?


neomom said...

So our local non-union power company sent some crews up to the north, they ended up in Delaware. The supervising folks showed them to an area where there were 5 poles down, told them it would take until Monday. They got all 5 up in one day....

Unions suck.

Billiam said...

Screw em. If the population of those states want to allow that crap, fine. They can do without the help of non-union workers. Man, I hate unions. Severely.