Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It Ain't Beanbag Any More

The country's Roman Catholic Bishops expect to be jailed in the next year--assuming that their lawsuits against The Mandate fail or are in the courts for a long time.

There is a 'secession movement,' albeit small, and perhaps merely tinsel.

"Prepper" retailing is growing to the point where they can afford national advertising.


Then there's the undercurrent of conversation mentioned by Hillyer:

"I don’t know if we can survive another four years of this," people say. Or, "do you think we can survive four more years of this?" Even Bill Kristol, not prone to defeatism, speculated on what might happen "even if America can survive the next four years of Obama."  ...The words aren’t coming from alarmists. They come in face-to-face conversations, or in emails, or on the phone. They come from Washington, from New York, from New Jersey, from Minnesota, from Alabama, from New Orleans — from all over. Serious, ordinary people, some of whom live and breathe politics and some of whom pay almost no attention to current affairs, aren’t panicking or exaggerating. They are really worried about what this man in the White House will do now. And they’re really worried about whether America as we know it can survive.

Need a short list of reasons for the concern?  Well, here it is!!

...Barack Obama and his minions play for keeps. And they are playing for a vastly different America than the one with which we have been accustomed for 224 years of this constitutional republic. Fight a war in Libya without even asking for a congressional resolution? No problem. Appoint executive officers without Senate approval, when the Senate is still in session? Sure. Issue executive orders directly contrary to law, on multiple occasions? Of course. Refuse to enforce duly constituted laws? Check. Repeatedly question the very legitimacy of the Supreme Court? Check. Refuse to honor congressional subpoenas and legitimate Freedom of Information requests? Ignore court orders (about offshore drilling) so flagrantly that you are found officially in contempt of court? Insult or even abandon allies? Whisper to foreign leaders of traditionally adversarial lands that you will have "more flexibility" after re-election? Deliberately cover up deadly mistakes on the Mexican border and in North Africa? Check, check, check, check, and check.

Anent those last:  we don't think that The SCOAMF should rely too heavily on military support of his going-forward agenda on the domestic front--which brings me to this:

I mentioned the Bishops first for a reason.  If der Fuhrer Obama attempts to imprison them, the Bishops will not resist.

But there's no guarantee that the Faithful will roll over while  Obama's SS attempt to march them off.

In other words, Molon Labe!!

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James Pawlak said...

The bishops believe in passive resistance. I think the pattern set at Lexington in 1775 more suits this matter. "If they want a war, let it start here".

Anonymous said...

More fantasy from Pawlak and company. Why don't you put on your big boy pants and join Dad29 in the "revolution". You know, get some guts, go down to the White House, and demand "justice"...Wolverine style. See how far you get.

Otherwise, it's all slogan and bluster. You want change? Work within the system. Support TRUE conservatives, not RINOS like Romney. Help to create a third party that espouses your values.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Because catholic institutions are required to provide birth control, freedom is religion is under assault? The bishops are going to jail?

If they didn't go to jail for protecting pedophiles the last 100 years, it's highly doubtful any of them will do time for denying aspects of health coverage.

James Pawlak said...

I sign my comment as I have the courage to do so. I have the courage to use my knowledge and training to follow my political ancestors if need arises.

I am willing to practice in response to any illegal acts by "Anonymouse" (Spelling intentional).

RP said...

Well LS, a friendly wager of $10 that says the bishops, except for maybe a handful, will not go yo jail. Instead they will make a prudential judgment issued by the USCCB wrapped in language that would make St. Peter, St. James and even St Paul puke to read. You see, it's all about the tax exemption and collections. That's why you have seldom, if ever, heard contraception mentioned during the last 50 years in homilies at Mass.

Anonymous said...

"I am willing to practice in response to any illegal acts by "Anonymouse" (Spelling intentional)."

No, you're not willing, James!