Monday, January 02, 2012

State Employees' Health Insurance

There's a lot of complaining goin' on about this.

...The changes in the state health plan require 183,000 participants to pay 10 percent of their bills for doctor visits, tests, surgeries and hospitalizations up to an annual maximum of $500 for single people and $1,000 for families.

A $500/$1K stop-loss? 

That's a very rich plan.  And there's a reason for that:  the family plan cost is about $19,200/year, for which the State employee contributes $201.00/month (family).

There are also co-pays for drugs, e-room, and some equipment such as wheelchairs.

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neomom said...

They are bitching about that? Seriously? Let them, show what spoiled, entitled babies they are. The more vocal they are about that, the better chance Walker has.

I have a good plan, better than most. My deductible is $4000, we pay 20% after that up to an out of pocket max of $11,000. And I pay about $100 every two weeks in premium for the family on top of it.