Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Voting in Milwaukee: "F"

Egads.  Whether one calls it 'voter fraud' or 'unbelievable incompetence,' a number of Milwaukee County [Municipal] Election Commissions have a stinking pile on their doorsteps. 

This release covers "Election Day Registrations."

This seven month study developed a historical analysis of the April 5th, 2011 election. Two key statistics leap from the results. First roughly 94 percent of the voters registering had either a Wisconsin Drivers License or State ID and second was that overall there was a 33 percent error rate among all the registration forms.
This study was performed by members of the pro-Constitution group Wisconsin Grandson of Liberty between May and December, 2011. Our study only looked at voter registration forms completed at the polls on April 5th, 2011. Existing registrations, early absentee and in-person, early absentee voting was beyond the scope of this project. The Open Records requests were made shortly after the April 5, 2011 election, data was entered between July and November and results tabulated in December.

THIRTY THREE PERCENT?  That equates to a 67% score--which in the Good Old Days, was an "F". appears some polling locations did a poor job of ensuring the completeness of the forms and a poorer job of noting that they verified the actual identities of some same day registrants. This statement is based on the data that shows county-wide, 1,995 forms left the proof of residency verification incomplete, 142 electors registered using a corroborator then corroborated for someone else, and 164 electors voted in the wrong district.

Ripley moment:

1 Voter’s signature is legible but is a different name than listed in on the registration form

In fairness, it seems that the "Proof of Residency/Document Number" blank on the registration documents is completely mis-understood by ALL election officials, and this mis-understanding contributes significantly to the overall error-rate.  (See P. 16/17 of PDF pagination.)  The Bayside and Greendale error percentage was actually greater than that of the City of Milwaukee.


Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Yet more proof that motor voter and election day registrations need to be repealed.

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