Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Boor Tribe

They happen to be Leftists.  Steyn calls them out for their total(itarian) incivility (which is a mild description of Comrade Colmes' and E Robinson's loutish remarks).

...The short life of Gabriel Santorum would seem a curious priority for political discourse at a time when the Brokest Nation in History is hurtling toward its rendezvous with destiny. But needs must, and victory by any means necessary. In 2008, the Left gleefully mocked Sarah Palin’s live baby. It was only a matter of time before they moved on to a dead one.

One needs no imagination at all to hear Lucifer and all his cohort screeching their killing-chants in the background behind Colmes and Robinson--and C Richards, Sibelius, and "Dr." Gosnell of Philadelphia.  That cacophony of sulfurous song has reached its zenith in the last 100 years, with antecedent in Germany, Russia, China, and Cambodia.

...The Left’s much-vaunted powers of empathy routinely fail when confronted by those who do not agree with them politically. Rick Santorum’s conservatism is not particularly to my taste (alas, for us genuine right-wing crazies, it’s that kind of year), and I can well see why fair-minded people would have differences with him on a host of issues from spending to homosexuality. But you could have said the same thing four years ago about Sarah Palin — and instead the Left, especially the so-called feminist Left, found it easier to mock her gleefully for the soi-disant retard kid and her fecundity in general. The usual rap against the Right is that they’re hypocrites — they vote for the Defense of Marriage Act, and next thing you know they’re playing footsie across the stall divider with an undercover cop at the airport men’s room. But Rick Santorum lives his values, and that seems to bother the Left even more.

Obviously, Steyn is not a fan-boy of Santorum's politics.  But Steyn understands the Big Questions very well, indeed:

...Two weeks ago I wrote in this space: “A nation, a society, a community is a compact between past, present, and future.” Whatever my disagreements with Santorum on his “compassionate conservatism,” he gets that. He understands that our fiscal bankruptcy is a symptom rather than the cause.

The real wickedness of Big Government is that it debauches not merely a nation’s finances but ultimately its human capital — or, as he puts it, you cannot have a strong economy without strong families.

In the meantime, the PaulBots rant about the Fed and defending Israel, reminiscent of the Charles Ives piece wherein two marching bands, playing different pieces at the same time, march in a 4th-of-July parade.

Cacophony, indeed.


Jim said...

In 2008, the Left gleefully mocked Sarah Palin’s live baby.

That's horse manure.

neomom said...

You don't get out much do you Jim. They set up a web site specifically to mock Trig. Complete with photoshopped images. Comments on Wonkette, Kos, HuffPo, the Atlantic, DU - you name it were simply vile. Amanda Marcotte was especially hateful.

That is because the hard core left in this country don't believe Trig should have been born, but aborted. That is also the reason that the Santorum child's death is mocked. A child at 20 weeks gestation cannot be a "baby", it must remain a "fetus" or "clump of tissue" that can be disposed of without feeling.

You remind me of my father. An old-school Democrat who just can't realize how vile the group that has taken over your party is.

Jim said...

I get out plenty.

I think you are confusing skepticism with mockery. There were a lot of people who were very skeptical about the Palin accounts of Trig's birth. For instance, why a woman at full term whose water broke would get on an airplane and fly from Texas to Alaska.

But then some people are skeptical about whether Obama was born in the US.

Did these "hard core" left people make fun of Trig's appearance or something? How would one "mock" a newborn exactly?

Maybe they were mocking the way Palin would walk out on stage at a rally with Trig dangling from the crook of her elbow. That's not mocking the child.

Colmes didn't make fun of Santorum's choice of actions following the birth and death of his child. He said it was strange. I think it was a little strange, but I don't have any problems with the way his family handled it. But really, most people don't bring a dead body home from the hospital. Regardless, Colmes apologized.

As far as "vile" groups are concerned, one need look no further than a blog wherein the term "SCOAMF" is used in reference to the President of the United States.

neomom said...

I was right, you don't get out much. Yes, they made fun of the way he looked, among other things. They went after her "using him as a prop" (like Dem candidates never have their family with them or on stage), but it goes much further than that.

Also, if you have ever known anyone who lost a child due to stillbirth or prematurity, you wouldn't think that holding them, taking photos and having family do the same would be strange. It is therapeutic.

What Colmes did was say that Santorum was wierd and that they took the baby home to "play" with him - if you saw the video it was in that "how could anyone possibly want somebody this whacky to be President" way. Despicable is how I would describe Colmes.

And SCOAMF is pretty mild compared to what they called GWB. Mocking the guy in the big chair comes with the territory, just leave the kids out of it.

Dad29 said...

Hey--this is a truth-telling blog, Jimbo.

And the Colmes/Robinson/Planned Parenthood crowd: see my post.

You just don't like the truth, Jim.

TerryN said...

Skepticism/mockery? The masters of the left do both in lieu of fact checking.

Jim said...

I never heard of Jack Stuef before.

And SCOAMF is pretty mild compared to what they called GWB.

Well that makes it OK, then.

neomom said...
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neomom said...

I don't care if you know who the guy is or not, Wonkette is a pretty mainstream liberal blog. Again, you obviously don't get out much.

Also, "Mocking the guy in the big chair comes with the territory. "

Or should we just treat Obama all special? You know, just because he's delicate and might get his feelings hurt.

Jim said...

Wonkette is a pretty mainstream liberal blog.

And I believe they took the post down and apologized.

Got any others?

I'm sure the President couldn't care less about your mocking. It only denigrates the mockers.