Wednesday, January 25, 2012

B.O.M. Goes Apple

Oldsters will recall that the original IBM Bill-of-Material software (BOMP, then DBOMP) was written in Milwaukee by (among others) IBM, Arthur Anderson, Allis-Chalmers, and Allen-Bradley.

Now a Racine firm has replaced the paper BOM with an Apple.

All Wisconsin, all the time....

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Saint Revolution said...

IOW, it's 2012 and this company is just getting around to technically automating operations...and "patting themselves on the back" for taking an entire YEAR to get a network of 26 iPads up and running.

Herod is completely unimpressed.

iPads...1/4 of a real computer and it still takes a year to operations.

Racine...the town that God forgot.

In the real world, Rollins would be looking for another job.

Here in Wisconsin...they think they've discovered the cure for cancer.

"...I thought: Why can’t we be more like McDonald’s or Burger King?...".

Brilliant. Just f-ing brilliant.

Another Warren Buffet...

Oh, brother...

Onward to some REAL news...