Monday, January 16, 2012

"Seamless Garment" Redux

Apparently the Diocese of Salt Lake has a problem.

...Jean Welch Hill, who ran unsuccessfully for Utah Attorney General in 2008 and the State House in 1996, issued a column Friday as Director for the diocese’s Peace and Justice Commission that prefaced future remarks on the U.S. Bishops Conference voter’s guide, “Faithful Citizenship,” by emphasizing the latitude individual Catholics have to “decide for ourselves which candidates truly respect life.”

...Hill began the piece by listing bishops’ quotations against abortion alongside other quotes against poverty and violence, and suggested that it’s up to the voter to balance a candidate’s “morally flawed” positions with others that could outweigh the bad.

We've seen that......umnnnhhhhh.....stuff.......before. 

There are intrinsic evils--like abortion and homosexual activity--and there are other evils. 

And there's a big difference between them.


Billiam said...

I would be seriously questioning the judgement of whoever put her in that position, were I a Catholic.

GOR said...

"Director for the diocese’s Peace and Justice Commission..."

'Nuff said!