Monday, January 30, 2012

RayOVac Getting Out of Madison. Smart Move!

RayOVac (Spectrum) is leaving Madistan for Middleton.

And Soglin doesn't like it.

But there are a number of businesses which have deliberately avoided a Madison location, knowing that the taxes, fees, and regulations of Madison are burdens.

Soglin complains that he was 'out of the loop'.  There's a reason for that:

...Soglin says the Spectrum consultant who originally contacted the city last spring would not reveal the name of the company unless the city signed a confidentiality agreement to keep the identity undisclosed, which Soglin refused to do. Therefore, the consultant would not agree to further discussions.

According to Soglin, the Cieslewicz administration had signed a confidentiality agreement last March, just a month before the 2011 mayoral election, but did not move forward. Cieslewicz could not be reached for comment.


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