Friday, January 13, 2012

Driving the Snowstorm

Ran up a few miles last night.

Waukesha County's plow/salt operations on I-94 were disappointing when compared to Jefferson and Dane Counties.  By 9 PM, Jeff/Dane stretches of the I-road had two mostly-clear lanes, with one of them wet, not snowy or slick.

Not so in Waukesha, where the road was mostly snow-packed and slippery--and only 1 lane of the 3-lane stretch from Pewaukee to SH164 was drive-able at 55 MPH.  That's embarrassing.

Waukesha will tell you that the snow was "packed" by all that traffic, making it difficult to clear. 

Wouldn't have had that problem if they had pre-salted the road and actually kept the plow-crews out there.

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Saint Revolution said...

The plow drivers were too busy finishing their poker games on the clock.

I am not being facetious.

I used to go with a girl who's stepfather worked for The City Of Milwaukee as Public Works driver. Heavy equipment in The Summer, plows in The Winter.

He used to joke with me about how "the boys" would sit around during The Winter in the warehouses playing cards all day...on the taxpayer nickel.

I wasn't laughing.