Saturday, January 07, 2012

Our Marie Antoinette

Is it just co-incidence that Emmanuel and Gibbs no longer work in the White House?

The First Lady reportedly believed that Mr Emmanuel’s willingness to cut backroom deals during the battle over health care reform was tainting Barack Obama’s image as a new kind of American leader.

... The then-press secretary Robert Gibbs was apparently often dispatched to placate Mrs Obama when limits were put on the amount she could spend on clothes or White House redecoration, as well as to explain why she could not take private holiday while on state visits.  --Gateway quoting Telegraph

Maybe Rasputin was just a transgender re-incarnation of Marie Antoinette?


Jeff Miller said...

Actually I wish the first lady was like Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette has been much slandered especially with the false "Let them eat cake" line. The actual Marie Antoinette was quite a decent person whose helped the poor and was devoted to several destitute families who she helped, and not just with money.

Dad29 said...

Fooey on the facts, Jim.

I'd be happy with one-half of one-quarter of one-tenth of her annual vacation budget.

Saint Revolution said...

Barack Obama’s image as a new kind of American leader?!?!

What the fuck is that last lady smoking?!

The only "new" OTrauma has brought over and over again are new lows in everything.

These people are completely deluded in their narcissism.

Saint Revolution said...

It's NOT YOUR MONEY, Fat Lady.


Sing your heart out November 2012, Fat Lady.