Sunday, January 08, 2012

Table-Talk v. The Numbers: Romney Gets Nomination?

From a pretty good political chick-counter (the egg-product, not the other ones.)

...If Romney were to sweep every early primary, including those on Super Tuesday, he would only have 820 delegates, 323 short of the needed number to take the nomination.

But he won’t sweep every primary, and only came out of Iowa with 6 delegates. A sweep in NH would give him 18 (but NH, like Iowa, is proportional), SC 25 and Florida 50. That is a total of 115 delegates, but Romney has already lost 22 delegates in Iowa. 

Best case scenario is at the end of SC he winds up with 93.

A loss of any of the major delegates states on Super Tuesday, and he still won’t be able to pull it off by the end of March. That takes us into the first week of April with Texas (a big gun) that holds 155 delegates.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Romney is not going to carry the evangelical Bible-belt Midwest or the Deep South. He’s betting on the momentum out of Iowa, and counting on unimportant New Hampshire. But he did that in 2008, and by February 7, 2008, he dropped out. Huckabee threw his support to McCain, and Romney was history.

The table-talk at the BlogForum at Papa's place this afternoon was that 'it's all over; Romney gets the nomination.'  The talkers were pretty smart people, but I don't know if they actually did the math.

No fat lady singing, except on Wiggy's blog.  It ain't over.

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