Sunday, January 08, 2012

Romney: "Electable" Really?

This doesn't look too good for the "electable" Romney.

An excellent opportunity for Santorum to contrast himself with the LBO Boyzzz, and Santorum can do that extremely well--if he tries.

One doesn't have to be a Harvard Law grad to figure out that a 27-minute documentary about Joe Sixpack losing his job--in THIS economy--is a tactical nuke in Romney's lap.


neomom said...

Neutron Mitt? Better it comes out now than next summer.

Dad29 said...

Yes, I remember Neutron Jack, too.

Hell, I'm old enough to remember when a Ford actually ran FoMoCo.

TerryN said...

ABO! Just vision the crow feathers in Obama's mouth when he concedes to Santorum, or Rommney, or Trump:-)