Thursday, November 24, 2011

Obozo Rattling the War-Sticks?

Vox sees another distraction upcoming. 

...But probably the most damning evidence that the "western world" is about to do the unthinkable and invade Syria, and in the process force Iran to retaliate, is the weekly naval update from Stratfor, which always has some very interesting if always controversial view on geopolitics, where we find that for the first time in many months, CVN 77 George H.W. Bush has left its traditional theater of operations just off the Straits of Hormuz, a critical choke point, where it traditionally accompanies the Stennis, and has parked... right next to Syria.  --Vox quoting T Durden/Zerohedge

Well, a good war has almost always secured re-election, ya' know.


Jim said...

And then again could be that we have ships close by in case the US Embassy personnel or other US citizens need to evacuate.

steveegg said...

Obama already failed the evacuation test in Libya (or did you forget the reliance on third-world countries' ferries?).

Jim said...

Yeah, I remember the videos on CNN of Obama on the bridge of one of the ferries declining to leave the slip because of the terrible weather. I said to myself at the time, "What a wuss!"