Saturday, November 26, 2011

Benedict XVI Can Read the Tea Leaves

B-16's address to some US Bishops on their ad limina visit:

...I consider it significant, however, that there is also an increased sense of concern on the part of many men and women, whatever their religious or political views, for the future of our democratic societies. They see a troubling breakdown in the intellectual, cultural and moral foundations of social life, and a growing sense of dislocation and insecurity, especially among the young, in the face of wide-ranging societal changes....

That 'relativism' thing.


Anonymous said...

would that be the same 'relavitism' thing that's welcomed Crd. Law to Rome so he could avoid accountability?

The Pope does know where law is and why, doesn't he?

BTW, I agree with the Pope. Just sayin' he'd have a lot more credibility by addressing some internal issues first.

Anonymous said...

BTW, do you think the Bishops are finally waking up?

Maybe getting tired or being 'lied to' after this and the Health care debacle?