Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Obozo Gets What He Wanted: Chaos (in Egypt)

Well, the wonderfulness of pixie-dust, unicorns, and magic ponies has devolved to the reality.

...the prognosis for liberal democracy is no better in Egypt, the most populous Muslim country in the region. Long gone are the images of the tweeting “Facebook kids” that charmed many in the West into thinking a liberal democracy would arise out of the ashes of Mubarak’s rule. The biggest beneficiary of regime change has been the Muslim Brothers, which is now poised to dominate the forthcoming elections in November given their superior organization and unified aims compared to the more numerous, ideologically fragmented secular parties. Despite the fantasies of many in the United States, the Muslim Brothers have not evolved into “moderates” that can be integrated into a democratic government and restrained by electoral accountability.  --Insurrection quoting Thornton/Heritage

Smooth move, tossing Mubarak under the bus!


Jim said...

Yes, of course, we should have supported the dictator against a popular revolution. That would be a terrific way to demonstrate the promise of liberty and self-determination that are the hallmarks of "American Exceptionalism".

James Pawlak said...

"Obozo" is very disrespectful. You should give Mr. Obama his proper title: Ayatollah.

Jim said...

Terrific display of ignorance, JP.

Anonymous said...

Look at the chaos he's created in the GOP!