Friday, November 18, 2011

Las Vegas Metro "Police"? Nope. Thugs

We've mentioned the Erik Scott shooting.  It appears to be a very bad shoot, indeed.

But the LVPD intends to make matters worse for itself and the citizens of Las Vegas--at least, those citizens who memorialize Erik Scott.

...I refer, of course, to Samantha Sterner, Erik Scott’s girlfriend and arguably the most important witness in the upcoming civil trial regarding the metro police shooting of Scott on July 10, 2010. In Update 7 (the SMM archive with all Erik Scott related posts is available here.) I wrote of the fact that Sterner had recently received two traffic citations and several friends had been followed by the police for such distances that mere coincidence was not a credible explanation. The common factor was that all of the vehicles involved displayed a red, white and blue Erik Scott memorial ribbon on their rear surfaces....

McDaniel has several long posts on the entire affair; frankly, the LVPD's "oops!!" cash-account will soon be depleted.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Vegas PD copied the tactics employed by Harold Brier.