Friday, November 25, 2011

DWD's Headache


An official with the state Department of Workforce Development who was fired in October said she had earlier filed a harassment complaint against a secretary of the agency. 

A week before she was dismissed, Administrative Services Administrator Allison Rozek sent an email to one of her bosses saying he had avoided her for two weeks and met with her staff multiple times without her present. She asked if his treatment of her was related to her filing a harassment complaint against former Secretary Manny Perez or her "prior connection" with then-Secretary Scott Baumbach.

Five days after she sent the email, Baumbach resigned as secretary, and Gov. Scott Walker appointed Deputy Secretary Reggie Newson as the head of the Department of Workforce Development. Three days later, on Oct. 27, Newson let Rozek go.

One didn't need to be psychic to tell that there were some very odd moves at DWD.

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