Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Lawsuit Over Open Carry

Another municipality is about to forfeit a bunch of money.

A Wisconsin group that promotes "open carry" of firearms says it will take action against Madison police after two of its members were issued citations for obstruction Saturday night when they refused to identify themselves at a restaurant.

...Eight officers came to the restaurant and demanded identification from the five men, Gold said, adding that when two of them refused, they were handcuffed, disarmed and searched for identification, then given municipal citations for obstruction and released.

The argument is about the demand for ID, which was questionable.

I'm not part of the "open carry" movement. However, it is constitutional.

There is a comparison, of course; if the Madistan cop-shop were to demand ID from, say, peaceful sit-down demonstrators at an openly racist restaurant, would there be any question of the legality of such a demand?


HT: FoxPolitics


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Some of the comments were GREAT:

'Cops can essentially ask law-abiding citizens for identification however they refuse to do so when people vote?'

Others regarded working, illegal immigration, and other liberal agendas.

Billiam said...

Well, at least they cops didn't murder the guys like those cops in Vegas did. I don't agree with Vox just yet, but...

DRG said...

The argument is about the demand for ID, which was questionable.

Actually, the law regarding the showing of ID is very settled. Basically the only time you have to show your driver's license to the cops are when your driving. There was actually a very recent case in Racine that cost the taxpayers $10,000 when our cops cited a guy for obstruction for not IDing himself.