Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So What Makes Louvain Such a Good Place?

I've always heard mixed reviews of Louvain-as-a-seminary. Abp. Dolan loves it, others (well-informed) have their doubts.

[Edited per combox remark] The College is fooey. The sem looks better (see combox).

...Among other errors, the Kyrie consisted only of the words “Kyrie eleison,” without the words “Christe eleison” ever being sung. The Gloria did not use the correct words, and for the Sanctus, we actually sang the first verse of the English hymn Holy, Holy, Holy!

...A disregard for the rubrics, as witnessed at this Mass, greatly hampers our ability to worship as one; rather than celebrating together the Roman Rite with its proper rhythm, gestures, and music, we had a kind of Flemish-Roman hybrid Mass.

And not even that; one cannot replace the Sanctus with another hymn.


BRHarsha said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! I want to make one thing VERY clear: these abuses took place at an all-school Mass for the whole university, celebrated by local priests--a special event to begin the year.

Otherwise, we have our own in-house Mass at the seminary every day, offered very reverently, according to the rubrics. We also sing (in both Latin and English) the correct responses and good hymns.

Please don't use my post to give the SEMINARY a bad reputation--it is quite good. It's the liturgy of the Low Countries that we should worry about.

Dad29 said...

Glad to hear that...

See edits in post.