Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rep Sensenbrenner!! Rep. Ryan!! Pay Attention!!

Klein pretty much said all that's necessary about the "Republican Contract" issued yesterday.

Instead of offering bold solutions to today's most pressing challenges, Republicans chose to compile some small ideas that wouldn't endanger their chances of regaining the majority this November.

Timidity and craven "elect us" pablum in the face of TWO crises...

...Republicans shouldn't expect conservatives to adopt this exercise in cowardice as their battle cry. Republicans like to address Tea Parties and talk in terms of the revolutionary spirit sweeping across the nation, and they even invoke the Declaration of Independence in the opening of their "Pledge to America." But the proposals contained within the document show that all this revolutionary talk is mere rhetoric, and that in reality Republicans have learned nothing from their time in the wilderness.

Reps. Sensenbrenner and Ryan would do well to order up a pair of balls for Boehner and the others who wrote that "contract." Put it on the House budget's tab.

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