Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unforced Errors?

Hennessey is a cool-hand observer. He's an ex-Bushie aide, very smart, maintained respectability, and asks whether the blue-team is making 'unforced errors' in the campaign.

Here's one example he gives:

In my experience, Republicans like to debate taxes more than almost anything else, especially before an election. I don’t understand why the President chose to elevate a tax fight to the #1 issue in this electoral cycle. If the 2010 elections are about economics, wouldn’t the blue team instead have been advantaged by a sustained fight over education spending or a partisan split over “Wall Street fat cats vs. real Americans”?

Well, that's easy. B. Hussein actually believes his own bullshit ideology and thinks that the 26,700 people who showed up in Madistan are representative of the electorate in the not-10-square-miles-of-Madison.

IOW, it's hubris.

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