Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can the US Really "Absorb" a Terror Attack?

The Captain says that Obama is flat wrong in his assertion that the US can 'absorb and recover from' a terror attack--given that the terrorists actually know WHAT to attack.

On any given day with the right timing, several well trained, dedicated, well armed fighters would be able to force their way on to utility property, fire missiles or lay explosives at the transformer, destroy it, and perhaps even go to the next given the security for coal plants. Next in line along the transmission system are other important transformers, not as important as the main step up transformers, but still important, that would also be vulnerable to attack. With the transmission system in chaos and completely isolated due to protective relaying, and with the coal units that supply the majority of the electricity to the nation incapable of providing that power for years due to the wait for step up transformers, whole cites, heavy industry, and homes and businesses would be left in the dark for a protracted period of time, all over the nation.


Don't get excited. The terrorists already know all about the above possibility.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to give odds on Islamokazis versus the Envirowhackos being behind that attack.