Thursday, September 23, 2010

Madistan Police: Dumb and Dumber

We mentioned the other day that the residents of Madison were about to fork over large money to a couple of guys ticketed for "obstruction" because they did not provide identification when open-carrying at a Culver's.

That was not smart--a similar case in Kenosha cost THOSE taxpayers $10 Large.

Someone in Madistan actually reads legal cases, so the cop-shop rescinded the 'obstruction' tickets, and instead, issued "disorderly" cites to all the carriers.

"It seems to me like (police) are just digging a deeper hole," said John R. Monroe, a Georgia attorney who specializes in open carry and firearms cases.

Ya think?

After the appearance of the men, some old lady called the cop shop. Get this:

...a patron called 911 because she was concerned about the armed men and feared something "horrible" could happen.

She and another patron were "disturbed." (Let's be charitable, folks. They were not identified as residents of Central Colony).

But disturbed, fearful, old ladies do not disorderly conduct make.

Monroe, who is also vice president of, said that is not enough to warrant a disorderly conduct charge. "If they were doing nothing more than carrying firearms," he said, "that cannot constitute disorderly conduct in and of itself."

Good luck, Mr. Wray.

By the way, many of us will be "disturbed" and "fearful" about "horrible things" when Obama shows his face in Madistan next Tuesday. Think the cop shop will cite the Secret Service?

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