Thursday, September 30, 2010

Should Des Moines Catholic High School Be Happy?

The first graf tells the story, almost:

President Barack Obama chose the backyard of a Catholic Des Moines family Sept. 29 to talk about issues ranging from the economy and taxes to education, poverty and health care.

That's a bit misleading. The "Catholic Des Moines family" OFFERED their backyard to B. Hussein Partial-Birth-Abortion Enabler, and he accepted their offer.

The family's head, by the way, teaches "social studies" at the Des Moines Catholic HS.


Badger Catholic said...

What tough questions these "Catholics" asked. Of course, this is the state that has abortion dispensing vending machines.

neomom said...

Seriously - what the heck happened to the Catholic Church? (and the "mainline" Protestants for that matter)

Since when is pro-abort, collective salvation, social justice meme Christian?