Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"That Rate Hike? It's NOT ObamaCare! Trust Us!!"


At a February 18 press conference, Sebelius predicted that insurance rates would go down...
"between 14 percent and 20 percent just by passing the bills.”

Well, that is no longer operative. Now they'll go UP, by as much as 20% or more.

But it's "the marketplace" which is to blame.


HT: Examiner


Neo-Con Tastic said...

No, no, no.

We're just mandating that all children up to the age of 26 can be added to the plan and not denied with any pre-existing conditions... EVEN if they haven't paid a dime into the system and costs will drop!


neomom said...

Sebilius is a waste of oxygen. Useless in Kansas, Useless at HHS.